Which Wiki pages must be created and changed when new content is added.

New Reserve

New Animal

New Weapon / Ammo / Sight

  • create a new page for the weapon
  • create a new page for the ammo, or add weapon to existing ammo
  • create a new page for the sight(s) if available, or add weapon to existing sight(s)
  • add to Weapons
  • add to Sights
  • add to Permitted Ammo, review bottom for Arrows explanation
  • review Shooting Skill (might share XP with other weapon)
  • review Tracer Arrows in case of a bow
  • increase weapon counter on top right of main page

New Clothes

New Consumable

New World Item

New Mission Pack

  • add icon and section to Missions
  • create mission page ( example)
  • create a page per mission
  • add mission pack to the animal's page
  • add mission link to Huntable Areas
  • add mission link to Species

New Season

New Collectables

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