Hunter, Max the Taxidermist here. I have expanded my services to make decorative objects from animals instead of just stuffing them.
With every piece I sell I have also started to send a story about the area from which the materials came from.
However, my supplier has almost cleared the hunting grounds on which he has gotten materials from. Would you be interested in supplying me for a while?

Mission Weapon(s) Other Equipment
The Evil Grin n/a n/a
The Calm Pond n/a n/a
Deliver Some Bones any permitted n/a
Pelts All Around any permitted n/a
Horn Mug Video-icon any permitted Climbing Gear (optional)
Stuffed Animals any Bow n/a
More Stuffed Animals any Bow Climbing Gear (optional)
Freak Of Nature any Shotgun Climbing Gear (optional)
Pleased At Last n/a n/a
Mutant 7mm Bullpup or 7mm Break Action Climbing Gear (optional)

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