Trophy shot is a mode a player enters once they have bagged their animal and confirm to do a trophy shot. The player is able to position the camera, animal and hunter in order to create a photo. This photo is then uploaded to the website and may be shared to Facebook.

Note that only Members can see their hunter. Guests will only see and move the animal. [1]

View Mode:

  • W and S keys will move the camera vertically
  • A and D keys will pan the camera
  • Mouse Scroll Wheel will zoom the camera
  • Moving the mouse will rotate the camera
  • Left Mouse Button will take a photo

Edit Mode

  • Holding the Left Mouse Button will allow the player to reposition the animal or character, depending upon which is clicked.
  • Right mouse button is used to rotate the character.

Trophy Shot Poses

Trophy Shot Poses are predefined poses for the hunter character. These much be purchased in the store.
Single purchase store page
Bundle store page


TheHunter ★ TROPHY POSES and Camera Filters09:09

TheHunter ★ TROPHY POSES and Camera Filters

TheHunter Tips, Tricks & Tactics - BETTER TROPHY SHOTS05:20

TheHunter Tips, Tricks & Tactics - BETTER TROPHY SHOTS

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