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Call upon the services of Max the Taxidermist to taxidermize your harvested animals that you can then showcase them in your very own trophy lodge. You can enjoy your trophies in single player mode or invite your friends into a multiplayer game to share your finest harvests.

Gameplay Characteristics

  • Each trophy lodge allows you to showcase up to 21 animals of different sizes.
  • Players can own unlimited numbers of lodges.
  • Lodges are accessible from any in-game lodge that has a trophy lodge sign outside.


Walk up to the lodge and when prompted, press the E (default) key. You can access any of your trophy lodges from any lodge in any reserve.

Adding Animals

Animals can be taxidermized at the point of harvest, or afterwards from the hunt summary for a period of up to 24 hours from the time of harvest. Once Max the Taxidermist preps your trophy it will appear in your trophy manager. You can access the trophy manager from inside your lodge by pressing the I (default) key.

Selecting Positions

When you stand in front of an animal inside the lodge, use the right mouse button to enter the edit mode. Use the left mouse button to cycle though the different poses. Use Right again to save the pose.

Pictures courtesy of community member xOEDragonx.



TheHunter Classic Trophy Lodge00:52

TheHunter Classic Trophy Lodge

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