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"That went well. I do believe we are making some progress and I can now reveal a little more about what is going on: An organization called The Red Lodge is elbowing themselves into our turf! They got initiation rites, secret handshakes and everything. They even arrange charity dinners! That's stuff we do! But we might have found a weakness: Red Foxes. I'll explain more later, after you spot and harvest one of them red devils."



200 gm$


TheHunter Find Foxes in Hirschfelden04:49

TheHunter Find Foxes in Hirschfelden

Video provided by community member HooCairs.

Additional Red Fox Missions

The EHR Conservation Association are up to something...

Mission Weapon(s) Other Equipment
Something Rotten In The Evergreen Hunting Reserve n/a n/a
This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us Video-icon
any permitted n/a
Making A Scene any permitted n/a
Going Undercover any permitted n/a
Playing Along any permitted n/a
The Insider .223 Rangefinder or Rangefinder Binoculars (optional)
It's All So Quiet any .357 n/a
Fat Boom any Blaser F3 Shotgun n/a
Supernatural Ninja Parker Python n/a
The Dignity Of Foxes any permitted Tripod Stand

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