Mission Objectives Gm$ Hints
The Knowledge To Hunt
  • Locate five set of tracks from one and the same Mule Deer during one hunt.
Learning To Listen 200
Learn To Observe 300
Fair Chase 400
Choosing The Right Equipment 600 Tips from community member Rantanrave.
  • Start at trappers rest lodge.
  • Head straight north towards the treestand that is there.
  • There will be a high likelyhood that you will find a moose before you even reach the treestand,
  • I found a moose 3 out of 4 times before reaching the treestand, so it should be releatively easy.
  • Call the moose near the treestand or use scent lure, and kill it with a shot to the heart/spine or whatever will make it drop on the spot. Beware of brain shots though.
Trophy Hunting 800
Wild Life Conservation 1000
Big Game Hunting 1200
Saved From Extinction 1800
Big Head 3600