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Mission sightseer


Dear hunter, my name is Jane Potter, assistant to Mr. Buck Trotter. You may have heard of Mr. Wavetrotter, basically he's a world renowned traveler that write books and such. Thing is... he don't. Well travel he dose, mostly to the local pub, but most of the time he's usually to 'happy' to even spell his own name, let alone write a whole novel.

Well anyway I... We need your help. The publisher has asked Mr. Wavetrotter to write a book about the Evergreens he of course agreed, being in financial pickle as we are. The problem though is that we're situated in Yorkshire, UK and can't afford going overseas with Buck wisely... 'investing' all our money in the pub. If you want to help us out we would be really grateful. It's a simple request really, just visit Boulder Pass, the Awi'Usdi Stones and Forest Lake in one hunt and let tell us all about it. You'll get some sort of compensation of course.


All objectives must be completed during one expedition.


100 gm$

Mission Hints

Start out at the Causeway Lodge and head west to Boulder Pass, then head southwest to the Awi'Usdi stones, then head southeast to Forest Lake. Each time you reach one of the destinations, you will receive a message for Doc in the upper left corner of the screen. If you don't see this message, just hang around the target area for a few minutes until you see the message. This message acts as a sort of confirmation, which ensures that you won't have to reduce the mission (which has happened many times in the past.

All Whitehart Missions

Sightseeing Missions

Buck Wavetrotter, world renowned traveler and writer needs your help in mapping out Whitehart Island for his latest endeavorer; 'A Hikers Guide to the Evergreens'.

Mission Weapon(s) Other Equipment
Sightseer n/a n/a
North to South n/a n/a
The Campsite n/a n/a
There and Back Again n/a n/a

Travel Missions

Hunter, it is me, Bull. You know I wouldn't contact you unless I really had to, but the Elks on Whitehart Island are disappearing every now and then. I have no idea why but I would like you to find out the reason.

Mission Weapon(s) Other Equipment
Tracking The Southern Movement n/a n/a
Tracking The Northern Movement n/a n/a
Removing The Competition any permitted n/a
Removing The Rest Of The Competition any permitted n/a
Investigate The Center n/a n/a
Caring For The Weak any Anschütz rifle n/a
Making A Safe Return Single Shot Shotgun n/a
Check For A Northern Return any Anschütz rifle n/a
Check For A Southern Return 7mm Bullpup n/a
Patrol The Island Parker Python n/a

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