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The plan is proceeding perfectly. Let's move on to Settler Creeks. I suppose they have no real enemies there but one can never be too careful. I think it's time to put an air rifle to good use, but no scope. I need you to be reminded of that we still are dealing with a most majestic animal. A scope belittles that.



1200 gm$

Additional Cottontail Rabbit Missions

The Cottontail Rabbit: King of the Fields! At least according to Dixie "Jazz" West.

Mission Weapon(s) Other Equipment
Hop To It n/a n/a
Regicide any permitted n/a
Honour. Glory. Rabbit. any Shotgun n/a
Ode To Joy Single Shot Shotgun n/a
Warriors Of The Fields n/a n/a
Losers Of The Fields Video-icon any permitted Ground Blind
Restoring The Honour any permitted Rangefinder or Rangefinder Binoculars (optional)
Restoring The Glory .22 Air Rifle n/a
Losers No More Video-icon Longbow Treestand
Duty First Semi Automatic Shotgun n/a

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