• Added European Rabbit to Val-des-Bois
  • 20 GA Semi-Automatic Shotgun “Carbon”


  • Updated localization

Bug fixes

  • Alpine Ibex are now more restricted around reserve borders and can not leave the reserve
  • Fixed bug where male organ chart was shown instead of female organ chart
  • Hunt history now shows harvest value and score
  • Animal texture is now visible on hunt history
  • Achievements from expedition are now visible on hunt history.
  • Signature link on forum now has a valid link
  • Fixed date format on competition trophies
  • Fixed links from hot items
  • Fixed bug on red deer scoresheet where up to 3 points could have been missing (score on leaderboard was still correct)
  • Fixed a rounding error on bear scoresheets (score on leaderboard was still correct)
  • Some Deer species no longer have antler points for females on scoresheet
  • Tooltip for organs is now working for scoresheet
  • Increased maximum Hunterscore on limit Hunterscore for multiplayer games.
  • Fixed broken progressbar for Hunterscore on profile overview.

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