Bug fixes

  • Fixed the bug with animals avoiding player near water – animals could "freeze" and not spook
  • Fixed the bug with the "Confirm kill" page – now after losing connection to server or client it returns to the "Confirm kill" page instead of returning to the game
  • Fixed the "beaver" bug with treestands (they were reset to lodge when they shouldn't)
  • Fix for Waterfowl Blinds displaying the interface texts & icons for the Ground blinds
  • Fixed the bug with players sometimes not being able to be hurt by animals
  • Fixed K98k scope moves when reloading
  • Fix for the 5-Pin Range Finder Bow Sight – pins stayed in world after switching weapon through inventory
  • Fix for the "Leaving the reserve" - notification sometimes not showing
  • Fix for the score sheets not displaying the right Animal Type (ex. Common, Leucistic, etc.)
  • Fix for the score sheets not displaying the right Animal State (ex. 'Hiding' for rabbits or 'Flying' for waterfowl)

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