Friday, 17th February 2012

Game Update is now released and will be automatically downloaded and applied next time you play the game!

Bear bait

Bears can now be attracted by using a combination of bear bait and bear bait barrels. The bear baiting system is the first ever truly persistent gameplay system in theHunter. Each barrel has an attraction level that attract increasingly more bears the higher it gets. Attraction will grow as long as there is bait in the barrel, including when you are not playing! Using this system, a clever hunter may bait on Monday and have a max level barrel for the “Sunday Hunt” without ever loading up the game client! You can read more about Bear Baiting in the Bear Barrel section of Doc’s Outfitters. For even more details about bait, please see theHunter wiki page for bait.

Improved Animal AI

Animals no longer wander aimlessly through the EHR. Each species have different goals during different times of the day that may attract them to suitable areas for completing them. The goals currently supported are: Feeding, Drinking & Resting. Species X may for instance choose to drink at 9am while spices Y prefers to drink at 5pm.

Recurve Bow

A new weapon that provides a serious challenge as it comes equipped with no sights and the lowest muzzle velocity in the game. Bring your sneaking boots!

The Surprise

Something you may stumble upon when looking for tracks... PS. They can be confirmed with the HunterMate.

More changes and improvements...

  • Bears features a new roar when charging
  • Moose features an new "aggressive stance" animation, allow a little bit more time to react before the animal charges
  • Improved collision detection in maple and spruce stands to avoid arrows getting stuck in mid air
  • Improved vegetation removal in Trophy Shot mode
  • If you have several items of a consumable, now always the one with the lowest amount will be the one used
  • Fixed reported bug with crossbow getting stuck when reload without arrows
  • Distance is now displayed when player is prevented to place persitent world item (TS/GB/Tent) too close to another one
  • Tweaked Compound Bow hold time
  • The HunterMate clue view now uses a new font to make all texts look the same
  • Improved stability of network code to prevent kills and data being lost even during bad circumstances and possible timeouts
  • Settings: Very High Scene Complexity setting now disables model lodding. Now all models are in their highest resolution all the time (so there is no model popping when walking around, but requires more performance from the computer)
  • Settings: Option to enable Vertical Sync
  • Web: Tree stand and ground blinds now listed under reserves on the Go Hunting page
  • Web: See bear bait barrel attraction and amount in the map
  • Web: Share your kills on Facebook with trophy shot!

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