Wednesday, 14th December 2011

Following last weeks big TruRACS update today we release a smaller patch with a bunch of fixes and tweaks. It will automatically be downloaded (just about 1.8 MB) and applied next time you start the game.


  • Now also free players can shoot pheasants in the tutorial
  • Fix for feral hog sometime getting incorrect length of tusk
  • Weapon ammo now reset when tutorial is restarted
  • Fix so sleeping and hurt animals do not move or flip direction when not visible
  • Improved typeface used by Russian localization
  • Fixed weird behavior of tent when reset to inventory and equipped immediately
  • Hog rare probability decreased
  • Fix for the tired (zzz) and fatigue icons not showing
  • Minor tweaks to Elk antlers (does not affect maximum score)
  • Fixed a rare random crash related to tree stands and arrows
  • Updated translations

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