Wednesday, 12th October 2011

Here is what's new in todays game update!

The update will be automatically downloaded (about 8 MB) by theHunter launcher and applied next time you start the game.

New Features

  • New weapon: TenPoint Carbon Fusion Crossbow (with optional scope)
  • New item: Tent - put a tent anywhere you like and start your expedition at it next time (note: you are allowed to own a maximum of 5 tents)
  • Enhanced blood tracks - starting at tracking level 3 you can now identify blood source based on color of blood (lighter/darker)
  • New settings option: disable track and spotting outline color
  • Updated ballistics model (read more here)

Bug fixes and changes

  • All antlers are now re-randomized when retiring to lodge/campsite
  • Bushes and larger plants are now removed when taking trophy shot
  • Now possible to prone and move on bridges over water
  • Fix for depleted items in inventory not being correctly removed
  • Fix for animals never pausing when walking towards a scent or call
  • Fix for AI update state when fullscreen map is open
  • Fix for getting incorrect angry messages from Doc about not bagging animals
  • Fix for removing arrows in the world when retiring to lodge/campsite
  • To avoid confusion scents/urine is no longer gender specific, they also have updated looks
  • Various terrain fixes on Redfeather Falls
  • Fixed two elk animations; jump left and a rare idle animation
  • Tracks should not glow as much in the rain and shadow from cloud
  • Moose and bear will now die instantly if hit in (part of) spine
  • It's now no longer possible to aim with the bow forever. Player gets tired and starts lowering the bow after a while. The higher bow skill you have the longer you can keep it at full draw

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