Thursday, 12th May 2011

We just released a small patch (1.7 MB) fixing a couple of issues. It will automatically be applied next time you start the game.

Here is what's new:

  • Animals will no longer flee into deep water (may still occur but should be rare)
  • Animals will no not eat in water
  • Fix for one occurrence of animals temporarily "freezing" when shot or spooked
  • Animals are now smarter when reacting to calls, the may now navigate through more complex terrain and water
  • Fix for some rare occurrences of photos taken in game not being uploaded
  • In some rare circumstances animals could spawn at "less than optimal" locations, like in deep water or slopes, where they had a hard time finding a way out. This is now fixed.
  • Bear & pheasant scores do now smoothly follow normal distribution, previously some score intervals did not appear. This will result in a wider range of scores (max/min limits are still same)
  • Crashes occurred when quickly switching to inventory before all data and asset was loaded when retiring to a lodge or campsite. There is now a brief loading screen to ensure everything is really loaded.

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