Release Date: 1st of June, 2010

Patch released shortly after the Logger's Point update.


  • Added Scope mode optimization setting in settings application.
  • The launcher defaults to Torrent download.
  • Added environment sounds

Bug fixes

  • Corrected the position of boxes and barrels.
  • The "Zzz" icon is not shown when extending your hunt.
  • Blue bedding clues are visible.
  • Fixed the collision at the border lodge.(It is now not possible to enter the large island)
  • Fixed the texture banding on the tracking orbs.
  • Walking on the shooting range platform sounds like walking on wood.
  • The lever action reload animation has been fixed.
  • The name shown when mouse hovering over the hunter launcher tray icon says theHunter launcher
  • Increased the hogs health a little.
  • Fixed grass rendering problem on older ATI cards. (some the grass was white)

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