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"Ahhhh, I see now. They are not even trying to win by using strategies. They are trying to win in numbers, that is why they keep growing in numbers even though we take so many out. Cute little buggers. This must be why it is sometime called The True Rabbit. Well, we should just go for the females then and that should slow them down."



600 gm$

Additional European Rabbit Missions

Dixie "Jazz" West has fallen in love with the beautiful European Rabbit and needs to maintain its population.

Mission Weapon(s) Other Equipment
Finding the clues n/a n/a
Rabbit Therapy n/a n/a
Too many, too fast any permitted n/a
Non Strategical Rabbits any permitted Ground Blind
Power In Numbers .22 Air Rifle n/a
Keeping Them On Their Toes Single Shot Shotgun n/a
Home Invasion any Shotgun n/a
A Necessary Evil any permitted Ground Blind
Can't Break Their Spirit n/a n/a
Rabbit Rampage .22 Pistol Grasshopper n/a

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