Animal Attacks

Certain animals are able to attack a player, which results in the player entering the Hurt State. After this game update, when a player is in the Hurt State, the screen will pulsate red. The player is knocked down and unable to continue playing unless healed, or retired to the lodge. To heal, use a First Aid Kit by pressing "E" (default key) as instructed.

In multiplayer, other players can apply a First Aid Kit to a hurt hunter. A hunter must come to close proximity and press the "E" key near the hurt hunter.

Animals Capable of Attacking

Both males and females can attack you when coming too close to them.


TheHunter Brown Bear Attack and New Hurt Screen01:40

TheHunter Brown Bear Attack and New Hurt Screen

TheHunter Provoking a Bear Attack03:57

TheHunter Provoking a Bear Attack


With the release of Val-des-Bois, "falling" is introduced into the game. Before, it was possible to drop down anywhere, even at the steep and high Canyon Creek at Logger's Point, without taking any harm. Now, when players fall down from a certain height, they are injured and must recover as explained above. There are not that many places to fall from in the old reserves except extreme areas like the before mentioned canyon. Being knocked out from falling follows by the same procedure and similar features such as animal attacks.

Falling can also occur then failing to play the minigame of climbing.


TheHunter Climbing and Fall Damage - English with German subtitles05:04

TheHunter Climbing and Fall Damage - English with German subtitles


The player can experience freezing effects in a cold weather environment such as Whiterime Ridge if not wearing the right clothes, or by stepping into the cold water. Arctic pants, boots and jacket are absolutely necessary. The other items might be exchanged for items with at least a "low" Cold Weather Protection. In the store, every piece of clothing has a Cold Weather Resistance value. Make sure to check this before you get going. If only one of the items you are wearing has a protection/resistance that is below "Low", you will start freezing.

Freezing will show itself by abnormal breathing, delayed shots and more weapon wobble. If no measures are taken in form of changing clothes at a lodge or heated tent, the player will suffer from hypothermia and will be forced to recover at a lodge or heated tent.

You will not suffer from hypothermia when starting a new hunt at a lodge or heated tent with non-arctic clothes. Change clothes and start your hunt. You will however suffer from hypothermia when starting at a regular tent, even if you immediately switch to arctic clothes.

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