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Doc here, I got another challenge from Lucas. Don't ask about the date thinking about it makes me ANGRY! Just read the challenge OK? Lucas: "I know you like that plate we have back here but wouldn't it be better to have a mug that's always filled with your favorite beverage? Head out and bag a Pheasant with a .22 Pistol and you'll never go thirsty again!" Pretty sweet right? I would do it myself but I only drink morning dew from a Duck's beak. Remember no rifles, I am always watching!



1200 gm$

Additional Pheasant Missions

The increasingly irrational Master Warden Doc has decided to make you a 'Ninja Pheasant Hunter'...

Mission Weapon(s) Other Equipment
Call Me n/a n/a
Straight Flush any permitted n/a
Run n' Gun any permitted n/a
Graduation Day any permitted n/a
Dinner For Two any permitted n/a
Lucas's Challenge any permitted n/a
A Family Matter any permitted n/a
Pheasant Cowboy Video-icon .22 Pistol n/a
Shock 'n Awe any permitted n/a
A Challenge You Can't Refuse Video-icon Snakebite n/a

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