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Jane here, that story you told me about the stones was amazing! It's going straight down into the pages. Whitehart Island... It sounds like such a fantastic place. I think we can do another chapter about it, heck why not base the whole book there? Ready for another trip? Imagine an epic single season journey starting at the Causeway Lodge and ending all the way down at the Southcliff Lodge. Provide me with the factual details and I'll spice it up with some juicy details. Mind you, nothing to far from the truth. Just a little almost-eaten-by-bears, saving-the-local-barmaid then riding-into the-sunset' sort of action...


  • Start from the Causeway Lodge.
  • Arrive at the South Cliff Lodge.

All objectives must be completed during one expedition.


150 gm$

Mission Hints

Start at the Causeway Lodge and head south to the South Cliff Lodge. The fastest way to complete this mission is running, so if you just want get the mission done and over with, just run. But be on the look out, you are bound to run into animals at some point.

All Whitehart Missions

Sightseeing Missions

Buck Wavetrotter, world renowned traveler and writer needs your help in mapping out Whitehart Island for his latest endeavorer; 'A Hikers Guide to the Evergreens'.

Mission Weapon(s) Other Equipment
Sightseer n/a n/a
North to South n/a n/a
The Campsite n/a n/a
There and Back Again n/a n/a

Travel Missions

Hunter, it is me, Bull. You know I wouldn't contact you unless I really had to, but the Elks on Whitehart Island are disappearing every now and then. I have no idea why but I would like you to find out the reason.

Mission Weapon(s) Other Equipment
Tracking The Southern Movement n/a n/a
Tracking The Northern Movement n/a n/a
Removing The Competition any permitted n/a
Removing The Rest Of The Competition any permitted n/a
Investigate The Center n/a n/a
Caring For The Weak any Anschütz rifle n/a
Making A Safe Return Single Shot Shotgun n/a
Check For A Northern Return any Anschütz rifle n/a
Check For A Southern Return 7mm Bullpup n/a
Patrol The Island Parker Python n/a

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