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Now that you’ve got a feeling for our rifles, pick the one most suitable for your hunting style and show us a prime Moose rack.


  • Harvest a Moose with at least 16 typical points using either a .308, 8x57 or a 9.3x62 Anschütz 1780 D FL Bolt Action Rifle.

Moose male common
Bolt action rifle anschutz 308 256Bolt action rifle anschutz 8x57 256Bolt action rifle anschutz 9x63 256Bolt action rifle anschutz engraved 93x62 256


1000 gm$

Additional Anschütz Missions

Anschütz is the premier choice for both shooting sports and hunting thanks to our hi-tech approach to precision and performance.

Mission Weapon(s) Other Equipment
Roe For Starters .308 Rifle n/a
Everything Is Coming Up Mule Deer .308 Rifle n/a
Blacktail From Afar 8x57 Anschütz Rangefinder or Rangefinder Binoculars (optional)
Whitetail Up Close 8x57 Anschütz n/a
Chunky Red Deer 9.3x62 n/a
Big Boned Roosevelt Elk 9.3x62 n/a
Mighty Moose .308 Rifle or 8x57 Anschütz or 9.3x62 n/a
Wild Boar Galore .308 Rifle or 8x57 Anschütz or 9.3x62 n/a
Rather Far Away 9.3x62 n/a
Eyes of the Hawk .308 Rifle Rangefinder or Rangefinder Binoculars (optional)

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