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"5 Females! That's excellent news. And it gets better. The Coyote you brought back had some interesting sediment lodged in it's paws. This soil only comes from one place. The area around the Lake. Check out the Lake. Same again, find any signs of Coyote's and bring one back for me..."


  • Harvest a Coyote from the Lake (X: -14058, Y: 5389).


1200 gm$

Mission Hints

This lake is Forest Lake in the North mid section of Whitehart Island.


Additional Coyote Missions

Help Dixie 'Jazz' West of the EHRCA Pest Control Unit to fight the growing number of Coyotes that threaten the delicate ecosystem of Whitehart Island.

Mission Weapon(s) Other Equipment
Eye Spy n/a n/a
It Takes Two any permitted n/a
Scout n/a n/a
Barking Up The Wrong Tower any permitted n/a
Northern Quarter any permitted n/a
Bitchin' any .44 n/a
Lake Coyote? any permitted n/a
Bow Wow Snakebite n/a
Take Down any permitted n/a

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