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Hey man, you think you have what it takes to take on the largest deer on earth? I mean even though you may have had a run in or two with smaller deer it doesn't make you a Moose guru like me. Them Moose are quite different from your regular Whitetail you know. For instance they actually respond to your calls, that's a handy trait for sure. What makes them special though, is their almost magical ability to keep charging after being shot a couple of times. Couple that with a serious attitude problem and you got your regular Moose. Some people call them "King of the Forest" but I think "Tank" is more suitable. Swamp Tank! You know because they hang in swamps, like the area 'round Trapper's Rest Lodge. Still not discouraged? Well if you wanna work for me you got to show me you got what it takes. Come back when you've tracked down a bull and a cow, using audio clues only.


  • ID a Call from a Male Moose
  • ID a Call from a Female Moose


100 gm$

Additional Moose Missions

The RFF ranger Ben McLane used to be quite a Moose hunting champ. Even though a recent attack has left him desk bound he still govern the local Moose population with an iron grip.

Mission Weapon(s) Other Equipment
It Takes Two n/a n/a
Tankbuster .300 n/a
Out of Nowhere n/a Rangefinder or Rangefinder Binoculars (optional)
Sweet Sixteen any Shotgun n/a
Road Kill any permitted n/a
Campers Delight any permitted Treestand or Ground Blind (optional)
Trespasser any permitted n/a
Moose For a Week Snakebite n/a
Getting Slim any permitted n/a
Mad Bull Video-icon any permitted n/a

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