2016 04 Horn


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This is a piece of hunting history. In the olden days of European hunting the hunting horn was used as a means of communication between hunters. It could signal a kill of a certain animal, the start or the end of a hunt and much more. Still to this day hunting horns are used in mainly Eastern and Central Europe to honor old traditions.

Note: Blowing this horn has the same spooking radius as whistling.

How to use

Equip the hunting horn. Press left mouse button while moving the mouse either left, right, up or down. Each direction has it's own melody.


  • Up: Start the Hunt
  • Down: Ending of the Hunt
  • Right: Celebration
  • Left: Successful Harvest

Capacity Cost

0.75 units *


TheHunter - Hunting Horn Sounds02:23

TheHunter - Hunting Horn Sounds

Video provided by community member holliday50.

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