Icon Description
Binoculars black 256 8x42mm Binoculars (Black)

These lightweight 8x 42 pair provides all the features you'll need, with broadband multi-coated lenses and high quality roof prisms They're 100% waterproof and fog proof too...

Spotting scope black Spotting Scope (Black)

A powerful scope with stepless zoom that let you pinpoint prey for you or a friend over vast distances.

  • Maximum magnification: x16
Binoculars rangefinder combo 256 7x42mm Rangefinder Binoculars (Forest Green)

With these lightweight 7x42 Rangefinder binoculars you'll get the best of two worlds, the superior field of view offered by binoculars coupled with the accurate range information provided by a state-of-the-art Rangefinder. Long gone are the days where you had to constantly switch between the two!

  • Find the exact range to your target.
  • Mark Positions on your Huntermate map with the "Use Item" button (Default: Mouse1).
Binoculars rangefinder 256 5x30mm Rangefinder (Black)

A compact, robust and waterproof Rangefinder that provides accurate readings up to 1500 yards. It also comes with wireless positioning technology that allows you mark positions on your Huntermate.

  • Find the exact range to your target.
  • Mark Positions on your Huntermate map with the "Use Item" button (Default: Mouse1).
Equipment camera 256 Compact Digital Camera

Capture those magic moments with this durable digital camera.

Increased capacity Increased Capacity

Need more space for your expeditions? We've got you covered! This special package will increase your inventory capacity, allowing you to carry more weapons and gear with you on your hunts.

  • This upgrade doubles your inventory space, increasing your maximum capacity to 20.

Inventory upgrades

Equipment handgun holster 256 Small Weapon Holster

A small holster that unlocks an additional small weapon slot in the inventory. Perfect for those crucial moments when you are facing an angry bear and need quick access to your trusty sidearm.

  • Unlocks the small weapon slot in the inventory (default key: 3)
  • Automatically unlocked as soon as your Hunter Score reaches 3000
Equipment pouch 256 Small Equipment Pouch

An elegant small equipment pouch that can be easily attached to any clothing. Unlocks an additional small equipment slot in the inventory for quick access to items such as binoculars, scents & callers.
Pouch 4

  • Unlocks small item slot 4 in the inventory (default key: 7)
  • Automatically unlocked as soon as your Hunter Score reaches 300

Pouch 5

  • Unlocks small item slot 5 in the inventory (default key: 8)
  • Automatically unlocked as soon as your Hunter Score reaches 900

Pouch 6

  • Unlocks small item slot 6 in the inventory (default key: 9)
  • Automatically unlocked as soon as your Hunter Score reaches 1800
Equipment camping supplies 256 Camping Supplies

Camping Supplies are required for Fast Traveling to a lodge, Happy Camper Tent or campsite.

Equipment first aid kit 256 First Aid Kit

Tired of getting dragged off to the nearest lodge after every vicious animal attack? Don't let massive bleeding ruin your day, use a First Aid Kit to continue from where you fell! Guaranteed to work against even the most rabid wounds, including those inflicted by Moose, Bears, Wild Boars and Feral Hogs.

Equipment scent eliminator large 256 Scent Eliminator

Reduce your smell to get even closer to those trophies out there in the woods.

Equipment scent eliminator small 256 Scent Eliminator Mini

Reduce your smell to get even closer to those trophies out there in the woods!
This product contains the same revolutionary formula as the regular Scent Eliminator which makes it identical to its larger counterpart in every way except the number of uses.

Equipment wind indicator 256 Wind Indicator

Animals have noses many times more sensitive than humans, and the slightest scent of a hunter on the trails will see your target scatter. Help stay upwind when you're out on the hunt with our scentless powdered wind indicator. A gentle squeeze of the bottle and a puff of smoke will let you know exactly which way the wind's blowing.

Equipment face paint 01 Face Paint

Reduce your visibility with some magnificent looking face paint to give you an edge out in the wild. Comes with added mosquito repellent! Characteristics:

  • Visual Reduction: Good
  • Effect duration: 8 in-game hours (= 4 hours in real time)
Marker flag yellow Marker Flags

A practical way of marking the perfect shooting position or the best hunting path so that anyone can see.

Climbing gear Climbing Gear

Climbing is a totally different game design feature and was dictated by the mountain nature of the Val-des-Bois reserve, namely to access certain particularly steep areas in this reserve. The ability to climb comes with special gear and some hazards, naturally associated with this kind of activity.

Env camo app 256 Environment Camo App

This Huntermate app is a way for the player to learn where environment based camos like Sneaky 3D and the Ghillie Suit are active. Press G to equip.

App lane bandit 256 App Lane Bandit

Race through the traffic as fast as you can, but watch out for the cops! Press G to play.

App bust through 256 App Bust Through

Clear those blocks with this bat and ball classic. Press G to play.

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