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The HunterMate is an in-game GPS-like device that identifies tracks, scat, blood trails, and animal vocal signs.



Left mouse button Use HunterMate when equipped and in track view (identify clue, confirm kill).


Right mouse button Toggle HunterMate between identified clue and GPS.


Right mouse button Toggle HunterMate between GPS full screen map.


When the HunterMate is equipped, it’s always visible in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, displaying the mini map view. This allows you to see the area and any features in your immediate vicinity, including lodges, towers, campsites, etc.


You can enter the map by pressing the Right Mouse button while having the HunterMate in hand, or the M key.

Use the Zoom control to change magnification and the Left Mouse button to move around the map.

Example shown is of Whitehart Island



There are some apps available for the Huntermate

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