Good evening hunter My name is Franz Hofmeister. I came here to open up a my new restaurant, Die Wurstmeister. But another restaurant is stealing all the customers. So far I have not met this dummkopf who owns it but with your help I will make sure they can't stay open for much longer.

Mission Weapon(s) Other Equipment
Learn From The Land n/a n/a
Learn The Rest n/a n/a
The First Wurst any permitted n/a
If At First You Fail any permitted n/a
Third Times The Charm any permitted n/a
Cleanse The Boars any Shotgun n/a
Red Is The Key Longbow n/a
Mixing It Up 8x57 Anschütz n/a
Double Deer Wurst Blaser F3 n/a
A Wurst To Remember .308 Handgun n/a

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