Gameplay Features

  • Establish a new permanent spawn point
  • Access your inventory
  • Up to 8 tents can be erected in each reserve at the same time
  • Erected tents can be dismantled and moved

There are no gameplay differences between the color variations of the Happy Camper Tent and the "8 tent per reserve"-limit is shared. This means that you cannot exceed the limit by purchasing different color variations.

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Tent Facts

Placing and Removing

  • You can place up to 8 tents on each map (see game update from August 31, 2016).
  • Erected tents will stay permanent in the reserve when you exit the hunt.
  • You can dismantle tents and erect them at some other place.
  • To remove a tent just start a hunt there, or you can walk to it from anywhere and then dismantle it.


  • Tents give you access to your complete inventory.
  • Putting the tent into your inventory either at the lodge, or in the field when dismantling, requires a free capacity of 5 units.
  • Consider bringing a tent to your hunt if you think you are going to use a lot of different items that you cannot bring all at once. You can then place the tent at any time and get out what you need.

Spawn Point

  • You can start a hunt at a tent.
  • You can use the fast traveling function to immediately go to a tent during your hunt.
  • You can retire to a tent when the day ends. This will cost camping supplies just as for fast traveling.
  • You can retire to a tent when you were hurt. This will cost camping supplies just as for fast traveling.
  • You will suffer from hypothermia when starting at this type of tent with non-arctic clothes in a cold weather environment such as Whiterime Ridge. Even if you immediately switch to arctic clothes, the effect won't go away. See also freezing.

Animal Behavior

  • Erecting/dismantling tents during the hunt will spook animals within a radius of 100m.
  • Animals will not spawn within 150m of the tent at which you start.
  • Animals can spawn near other tents in the reserve though.
  • Animals will not spook when you start at a tent, but they can spook when you retire to a tent and they are nearby.
  • A nearby tent will not keep animals from being attracted when you lure them.

Normal Types

Heated Tents

This tent features the cutting edge but cumbersome Happy Camper Chemical Heating System which will allow reheating of hypothermia victims.


  • All features like any other tent
  • Can be traveled to after suffering hypothermia
  • You will not suffer from hypothermia when starting at this type of tent with non-arctic clothes. You will however suffer from it when starting at regular tents, even if you immediately switch to arctic clothes.
  • Capacity cost: 7


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