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"I can tell you mother is very pleased with our latest effort. So pleased that she had the cook make delicious Schweinshaxe just for me! Too bad my father is no longer with us. He always enjoyed a good crispy Schweinshaxe. Ah well...this next task is of a more sentimental kind. I would like you to dispose of a couple of boars in the vein of my father: Using a good old Tripod Stand. You might want to try using a Hog Squeal Caller for this one. Take your time, no reason to do this in one hunt."



600 gm$

Additional Wild Boar Missions

Famed biologist and pig expert Dr. Otto Canella has contacted you. Apparently it has something to do with Wild Boars...

Mission Weapon(s) Other Equipment
An Old Acquaintance n/a n/a
Boared to Death any permitted n/a
Three Little Piggies any permitted n/a
Mother's Day any permitted n/a
Family Values any permitted Tripod Stand
It's Lützen All Over Again .50 Cap Lock Muzzleloader n/a
Up Close and Personal any permitted Rangefinder or Rangefinder Binoculars (optional)
Old School Tenpoint Crossbow n/a
Older School Recurve Bow n/a
There Can Be Only One any permitted n/a

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