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Hi, I'm Jazz. Is that my full name? No and it is nothing you need to concern yourself with. What you need to know is that the EHR Conservation Association sent me here to investigate a possible threat to the Whitehart Island ecosystem. We believe that Coyotes may have made their way to the island. They're unwanted there. They need to be kept in check, they're hardy animals and will keep spreading. I have a few tasks lined up for you. To help out. First we need to confirm that they have indeed landed on the island. Spot a Coyote and report back to me.



100 gm$

Additional Coyote Missions

Help Dixie 'Jazz' West of the EHRCA Pest Control Unit to fight the growing number of Coyotes that threaten the delicate ecosystem of Whitehart Island.

Mission Weapon(s) Other Equipment
Eye Spy n/a n/a
It Takes Two any permitted n/a
Scout n/a n/a
Barking Up The Wrong Tower any permitted n/a
Northern Quarter any permitted n/a
Bitchin' any .44 n/a
Lake Coyote? any permitted n/a
Bow Wow Snakebite n/a
Take Down any permitted n/a

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