Environment camo app

This Huntermate app is a way for the player to learn where environment based camos like Sneaky 3D and the Ghillie Suit are active.

  • Clothing without environment based camo shows as black.
  • Clothing with enviroment based camo shows as grey when not in the correct environment and green when in the correct environment. For instance Forest camo show as green in areas the game consider as forest and grey everywhere else.
  • Species based camo such as Boone & Crockett and non-camo clothing like Basic T-Shirts shows as brown.

The tool is free and available to all players.

Launching and Closing

How to launch an app:

  • Hold the G-key
  • Move the mouse in the direction of a desired app
  • Press the left mouse button to launch

How to close an app:

  • Press the G-key at anytime to close an app


Color Meaning
Green You are wearing an environment based camo item and you are in an area where it provides camo
Light Grey You are wearing an environment based camo item but you are not in an area where it provides camo
Brown You are wearing an animal based camo item
Dark Grey You are wearing an item with no camo

Note that species-specific camo such as the B&C Outfit is counted as items with no environment based camo. These are active everywhere, thus there is no need to include them in the app.