Deployables examples


Some equipment can be deployed in the reserves that will stay there when you end your hunting session. Deployable items are sometimes called "Deployables" or "World Items").

Items and their Reserve Limits

  • Tents - you can install up to 8 in each reserve
  • Hunting Stands - you can install up to 15 of each type in each reserve (except 7 for deployable towers)
  • Feeders - you can use a total of 4 in each reserve
  • Decoys - you can install up to 100 of each type in each reserve
  • Climbing Gear - no limitations
  • Marker Flags - no limitations known
  • Shooting Tripod Rest - you can use a total of 15 in each reserve


  • Equip the item in a suitable slot in your hunting inventory.
  • Find a suitable place for your item.
  • Select the item slot.
  • Press the "E" key (default) to place it.

When you end a hunting session and start another hunt, this equipment will be available to use in the reserve. Deployable items can be used by other players during a multiplayer party, but you cannot install your own equipment if you are not the host.


In order to retrieve these items, you need to walk there and pick them up.

  • Press the "E" key (default) in front of the item and select Dismantle.


The easiest way to retrieve a tent is to start the hunt in this tent and then pick it up immediately.

Spooking Animals

When certain deployable items are placed or removed, animals within 100m / 330ft will spook.

Spooking effect:

No spooking effect:

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