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First and foremost we need to observe their behavior and check if the aggressive animals are restricted to a certain part of the reserve.


  • Start at Koppartorp Lodge in Hemmeldal.
  • Then arrive at Tower 3 (x 7840, y -5589) in the same hunt.
  • Then arrive at Grimulfr's Sten in the same hunt.
  • At any point during the same hunt, ID droppings from a Moose.
  • At any point during the same hunt, ID tracks from a Moose.
  • At any point during the same hunt, ID a clue from a Reindeer.
  • At any point during the same hunt, spot a Reindeer.


100 gm$

Mission Hints

Hemmeldal mission 1

Additional Hemmeldal Travel Missions

General Major Petersen here. As the EHRCA president I need to ask you for a favor. The animals have become very aggressive lately.
According to other hunters, almost all species have wounded or at least tried to wound them. We need to find the source before this spreads to other reserves.

Mission Weapon(s) Other Equipment
Contamination Check In The North n/a n/a
Contamination Check In The South any permitted n/a
It Is In Their Bodies any permitted n/a
Pinpoint The Source any permitted n/a
Source Removed any permitted n/a
South East Cleared .300 ammo n/a
Clearing The North .44 ammo n/a
Still Contaminated n/a n/a
Second Source Found any Bow or Crossbow n/a
Final Sweep .357 ammo n/a

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