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"I'm impressed! I guess one of those could be a lucky shot but three kills at that distance show real skill. You are ready for the big leagues so we'll switch to a Recurve Bow from now on. I'd like to see you take down a huge Red Deer but keeping a close distance while doing so."


  • Harvest Red Deer from under 30.48 m (approx. 100 ft) with a Recurve Bow Modern weighing at least 215.456 kg (approx. 475 lbs) and bringing in a score of at least 220 points. Stands, blinds and towers are not allowed.


1800 gm$

Additional Laura Francese Missions

Laura Francese wants to test you to see if you truly are a real Hunter. Please be advised: These missions are very difficult.

Mission Weapon(s) Other Equipment
Prove Yourself n/a n/a
Off With A Bang .50 Cap Lock Muzzleloader n/a
The Good, The Bad and the Ugly .22 Pistol n/a
Straight Shooter any .357 n/a
Main Ingredients Tenpoint Crossbow n/a
Bull's Eye Tenpoint Crossbow Rangefinder or Rangefinder Binoculars (optional)
First Step To Greatness any Compound Bow n/a
Over The Fields And Far Away any Compound Bow Rangefinder or Rangefinder Binoculars (optional)
Closing in [[Recurve Bow] Modern | Recurve Bow] Rangefinder or Rangefinder Binoculars (optional)
The Ultimate Challenge Recurve Bow n/a

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