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The Super Duck code is one of natures most well kept secrets. In fact, very few even know it exists. However, there is one person who has broken the code: Researcher Bob Smith. But he won't reveal it just yet: "Mankind is not ready for this knowledge". Our team of investigators tried to get closer to the Mallards in order to figure out the code for ourselves. It proved difficult.


  • Harvest an airborne Mallard from a maximum distance of 20 meters (approx. 66 ft.)
  • Harvest an airborne Mallard from a maximum distance of 20 meters (approx. 66 ft.) in the same hunt.


1800 gm$

Additional Mallard Missions

The Mallard. We delight in feeding them bread in our parks and watching them as cartoons on TV. But is this waterfowl really up to nothing more than foul play? Keep watching as we tell you the truth about Mallards.

Mission Weapon(s) Other Equipment
Mallard Hunting: Age Old Pastime n/a n/a
The Plight Of Mrs Johnson n/a n/a
The Long Arm Of The Law any Shotgun n/a
Introducing The Researcher Pump Action n/a
They Talk! any permitted n/a
They Attack! any permitted Waterfowl Blind
They Are Getting Bigger! any Blaser F3 Shotgun n/a
The Secret Code any SxS Shotgun n/a
Breaking The Code any permitted n/a
Exposing The Truth any permitted n/a

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