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"The woods are quiet. But I can hear them. The Roes. But what are they talking about? The Boss is on the move? But where? I got to listen more closely...and then finish this!"


  • ID the call of a unique Roe Deer.
  • ID the call of a unique Roe Deer during the same hunt.
  • ID the call of a unique Roe Deer during the same hunt.
  • After those calls are registered: Harvest a Roe Deer buck scoring at least 160 points in the same hunt.


3600 gm$

Additional Roe Deer Missions

A brick was thrown through a window into my living room. A note is attached to it that said: "Beware the Golden Roe".

Mission Weapon(s) Other Equipment
An Unknown Friend n/a n/a
The Mystery Thickens any permitted n/a
The Inside Man n/a n/a
Foul Play 8x57 Anschütz Rangefinder or Rangefinder Binoculars (optional)
Payback any Shotgun n/a
Death Notice .30-06 n/a
Cleaning Up any permitted n/a
Silent Justice any Compound Bow n/a
Taking A Stand any permitted Treestand
Boss Fight any permitted n/a

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