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That’s better. Not exactly what I expected but I guess that is what they sound like. I mean, you got the evidence right there. Anyway, there are rumors in the scientific community that there is some conflict between the Alpine Ibex and uhm, Brown Bears. That’s not me who’s saying that! Look at these charts, documents and ehm drawings. All from OTHER scientists. So we need to make these goats take the threat seriously. We need to cull the ones that are too ignorant of their surroundings. Start at 60 meter (approx. 197 ft.) and slowly close in for each harvest.



1000 gm$

Mission Hints

The distances must be reached in the order they are listed. Even if your first kill is under 30 meter, the 60 meter objective will be completed.

Additional Alpine Ibex Missions

Aaah, the fresh Alpine air flows through me. I feel balanced and calm. My name is Angelica Rodriguez and I do not hate bears. Join me for a journey above the clouds, in the realm of the Alpine Ibex.

Mission Weapon(s) Other Equipment
Above all Summits, it is Calm n/a n/a
The Former Bear Biologist Who Stares at Goats n/a n/a
Joy of Life any permitted n/a
Mountain Hooligans any permitted n/a
The Sound of a Goat in a Room n/a n/a
It’s Oh So Quiet any permitted n/a
Blame Science 8x57 K98k Rangefinder or Rangefinder Binoculars (optional)
Goats Blood Tracer Arrows n/a
Again With the Bears Inline Muzzleloader n/a
Taking Down the Bearkiller Goat 7mm ammo n/a

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