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Baiting is used to attract a large number of animals to an area over a long period of time. In order to bait the player needs to acquire a bait container (persistent item) and fill it with bait (consumable item).

Simplification (Baiting 2.0)

The baiting system has been overhauled on March 30, 2017 to simplify the process. The developers write: One of the objectives when setting out to rework the baiting system was to simplify it. Not only to make the experience for the players more consistent and hopefully more enjoyable, but to make the system easier to debug, maintain, and further develop in the future. To simplify the system, some important decisions were made which have changed how baiting works now. We understand that some players may have preferred a more complex system which had a lot of unknown variables resulting in unpredictable behavior, but it is our hope that the new system will offer better value without removing all of the challenge from baiting.


Attraction used to rely on the location of the container and would slowly grow or lower over time when food was available or depleted. The new system no longer has any concept of attraction, formerly a number between 0 and 100. A feeder now has a status, and this can either be “active”, “inactive”, or “penalty”.

  • Active: The feeder contains bait and is capable of baiting species.
  • Inactive: The feeder may or may not contain bait but is incapable of baiting species.
  • Penalty: The feeder is currently disabled because a baited animal was shot at the site.

Feeder status


Bait is a consumable item that attracts animals when put in a bait container. Bait is consumed by animals visiting the bait container. The rate of consumption is constant at 10 units per day no matter where the container is placed.

  • You can put up to 50 units of food into the container. A full feeder will run out of bait exactly 5 days after being topped up.
  • Without food, the container will not attract animals.
  • Food will be consumed whether or not you play the game.
  • Once the container has run out of bait, the container will turn inactive.


When you place a new feeder in a reserve and add some bait to it, the initial status of the feeder will be inactive, for a period of 4 hours (real time). During that four hour period, the feeder will not bait any animals. After the 4 hour “warm-up” period, the status of the feeder will change to active and two things will happen; the bait will start to deplete and the feeder will be capable of baiting animals.

If you let a feeder run out of bait, the next time you add bait the 4 hour “warm-up” period will start again. This can be avoided by keeping feeders topped up with bait at all times. Topping up a feeder which already contains bait does not restart the “warm-up” period. A feeder that is kept topped up with bait will always remain active and capable of baiting animals.

Shooting Penalty

If you shoot a baited animal near a feeder, the range is reduced to minimum. The range then slowly expands again until it reaches its maximum again. This takes 30 minutes. During this time the feeder is still fully attracting animals within the range. The status of the feeder will change to "Penalty".

The penalty cannot be circumvented by ending the current hunt and starting a new one. In a multiplayer game, only the host can invoke the penalty by shooting a baited animal at a feeder. All the other players can shoot as many animals near the host's feeders without causing a penalty.

The shooting penalty only applies if the animal that was shot had been attracted by the container. For instance, shooting a Black Bear near a Bear Bait Barrel will trigger the penalty, whereas shooting a Moose in the same area will not.

Choosing Locations

The location of your feeders matters. The more animals of the species you want to bait you detect during your hunting sessions, the better a location seems to be. The feeder will attract animals like any other lure. The more animals there are in an area, the better your chances and the bigger your number of baited animals.

If you attempt to place a feeder in a location where the corresponding animal does not spawn, you will not be able to and will receive a message to this effect. This is to avoid a situation where a feeder generates no activity. This does not mean location becomes irrelevant. Some locations will still generate better results than others. This is when it becomes important to discuss locations with hunting buddies and fellow community members. If you place a feeder in the same location as your hunting buddy, you should see pretty similar results in most hunts. There will always be variations in activity due to the random nature of the spawning system which theHunter uses, but in general results should be more predictable.

Baited hogs

Moving Containers

Bait containers can be moved during a hunt using the environment interaction menu (default key: E). If the container contains bait when picked up, the bait remains stored in it until the container is once again placed in the world. Bait does not decrease when the feeder is not placed anywhere on a map.

Reserve Limits

A maximum of 4 bait sites can be placed in each reserve. This includes all sites, including Goat Mineral Feeders, Bear Bait Barrels and Hog Feeders. For example, you can have 2 Goat Mineral Feeders and 2 Hog Feeders in a reserve such as Bushrangers Run, but not 3 Goat Mineral Feeders and 3 Hog Feeders.


Feeder Reserve Limit Bait Attracts
Bear Bait Barrel Large equipment bait barrel 256 4 Bear Bait Bait bear 256 Brown bear male common Black bear male common
Hog Feeder Large equipment hog feeder 4 Hog Bait Hog bait 256 Wild boar male common Feral hog male common
Goat Mineral Feeder Large equipment goat feeder 4 Mineral Block Mineral block Feral goat male brown

Bait Containers can be bought in the store in Large Equipment - Bait Sites section, or in the Bundles section as a package with bait. Buy equipment or check out the bundles.

Bait can be bought in the store in Lures - Bait section, or in the Bundles section as a package with bait containers. Buy bait or check out the bundles.

Numbers and Facts

  • There is a 4 hours wait after placing food before feeder becomes active.
  • A 30 minutes penalty applies when a baited animal is shot and hit.
  • The attraction radius is 150m for Feral Goats and 250m for hogs and bears.
  • The minimal distance to lodges/campsites/ tents is 400m, to other feeders 500m.
  • Food depletion is constant at 10 units per day.
  • There is a maximum of 4 feeders total that can be placed in a reserve.
  • Extra animals are spawned around the feeder when food is contained.
  • Feeders cannot be placed if no attracted species exist in the reserve.
  • Moving feeders in a hunting session causes another 4 hour wait time until it becomes active again.

Management from the Website

Feeder mgmt

You can access the Bait Management via Settings -> Game management -> Bait sites. There you see the list of your barrels and feeders, the amount of bait in them and the status (active / inactive / penalty). Each bait site comes with coordinates and the location map, so you can easily tell which one is which. Moving the mouse over the coordinates will display the map.

Feeder location map

You can fill your bait site using the bait from your inventory. Select the wanted amount in the feeder in the upper right corner. Using this feature costs em$ / gm$. There are discounted packs of 25, 50 and 100 refills that you can find under Services in the store.

Bait site refill

You need to have bait in your inventory to be able to use this feature.

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