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Success! Last night could not have gone any better. Lets ramp up the meat amount just a tiny bit and try to discover more of the central parts.


  • Start from Highland Lodge in Settler Creeks.
  • Then arrive at Tower 2 (x -7583, y 4572) in the same hunt.
  • Then arrive at Tower 3 (x -7438, y 4984) in the same hunt.
  • Then arrive at Tower 4 (x -6889, y 5005) in the same hunt.
  • Then arrive at Tower 10 (x -6200, y 4814) in the same hunt.
  • At any point during the same hunt, ID an audio clue from a Roosevelt Elk.
  • At any point during the same hunt, harvest a Roosevelt Elk with the 7mm Break-Action Rifle.
  • At any point during the same hunt, harvest a Turkey.


800 gm$

Mission Hints

Sc mission 6

Additional Settler Creeks Travel Missions

Monica here. Remember that time I had an "All you can eat Mule Deer week"? Well this time I got into something way worse. A competitor is about to open up and he is promising all kinds of meat from Hirschfelden. I need to be one step ahead so I'm gonna offer my customers every type of meat from Settler Creeks along with a map awareness competitions on a day to day basis. Think you can help me out with all this?

Mission Weapon(s) Other Equipment
From The Left any permitted n/a
Adding Deer To The Menu any permitted n/a
Can't Handle The Success any permitted n/a
Empty Bellies any permitted n/a
Never Brief On An Empty Stomach any permitted n/a
Back To Success 7mm Break Action n/a
Small Game Night any Bow n/a
Tasty Bear .30-06 n/a
Preparing For The Feast any Compound Bow n/a
Couples Dinner 7mm Bullpup n/a

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