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Once a year, for some reason on April 1, EW has a little fun with the community. Here are the past pranks. :)

2017: Butterfly Hunter

TheHunter Butterfly Hunter the Game00:36

TheHunter Butterfly Hunter the Game

2016: .50 Cal Sniper Rifle

A .50cal is supposed to make its way from theHunter Primal to theHunter.

2016 04 50cal

2016: Unknown Species

Players detected clues of an "Unknown" species during the day.

The "Unknown" species appeared again in August 2016.

TheHunter BIGFOOT43:05


2015: Non-Typical Rabbit

Non-Typical Rabbit in theHunter00:28

Non-Typical Rabbit in theHunter

Community Pranks

HooCairs found a T-Rex on Logger's Point
April Fools 2015 A T-REX in theHunter!02:39

April Fools 2015 A T-REX in theHunter!

2014: The Goose Hat

The Canada Goose Hat - Trailer01:12

The Canada Goose Hat - Trailer

2013: The Pit of Doom

Pit of Doom - new game mode for theHunter!02:08

Pit of Doom - new game mode for theHunter!

2012: 1UP Mushroom

The 1UP Mushroom could be picked up in the woods.

April fools 2012 2

2011: Paradrop

TheHunter Paradrop Feature Preview (April Fools 2011 ))01:10

TheHunter Paradrop Feature Preview (April Fools 2011 ))

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