There's plenty of hunting opportunities, but this country clearly lacks places for the hard-working women and men to enjoy the fine arts. I promise that those philistine times will soon be over! We're planning to open the first opera house of the EHR and perform pieces like “Duck Quixote” (fighting the windmills of Hirschfelden) or “The Hunchbuck of Saint Perdu”. We've already found a decent orchestra and an ambitious stage director, but we're still desperately looking for talented singers! We need your help to find those delicate voices that will finally turn our project into a huge success. This mission pack was created by community member Tanngnjostr.

Mission Weapon(s) Other Equipment
First Audition n/a n/a
The Soprano any permitted n/a
The Baritone any Blaser F3 shotgun n/a
Sprechgesang any permitted n/a
Backing Vocals any 20 GA shotgun n/a
Resonating Bodies any permitted n/a
Bird Rights n/a n/a
Silencing the Critics any shotgun n/a
Dress Rehearsal .22 Pistol n/a
The Grand Premiere .22 Air Rifle n/a

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