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Doc here, the EHR Conservation Association has asked me to chase off a group of Pheasants down in Canyon Creek but I have a date with a doe. A doe, you know a female. She's even of my own species! We met in one of these ridiculous anger management classes that the government forces me to partake in. But enough of this, talking about myself makes me MAD! Bag two Pheasants under the bridge and you're done. Why? Because that group of birdies are attracting coyotes that scare off the hippies. Isn't it OBVIOUS?!



1000 gm$

Missions Hints

The required Pheasants are specific ones that only spawn in the given location when this mission is active. The birds will spawn under the bridge and roam around. Consider placing a tent nearby, so you should find its tracks soon enough. The location where you end up shooting the Pheasants does not matter as long as you harvest the ones that originated in the canyon.

Additional Pheasant Missions

The increasingly irrational Master Warden Doc has decided to make you a 'Ninja Pheasant Hunter'...

Mission Weapon(s) Other Equipment
Call Me n/a n/a
Straight Flush any permitted n/a
Run n' Gun any permitted n/a
Graduation Day any permitted n/a
Dinner For Two any permitted n/a
Lucas's Challenge any permitted n/a
A Family Matter any permitted n/a
Pheasant Cowboy Video-icon .22 Pistol n/a
Shock 'n Awe any permitted n/a
A Challenge You Can't Refuse Video-icon Snakebite n/a

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