454 revolver el bisonte

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454 revolver el toro

.454 Revolver El Toro

Cartridges 454 revolver el toro

.454 Revolver Handgun

Scope revolver 2x 256

2x20mm Scope

Scope handgun 2to6x black

2-6x20mm Handgun Scope (Black)

Scope handgun 2to6x silver

2-6x20mm Handgun Scope (Silver)


Mainly used as a "bear stopper" sidearm, this hand cannon packs enough punch to drop a bear with one bullet. But it is not only for defensive purposes: The avid revolver hunter can also take this monster of a gun out for a big game hunt on any day of the week.

Permitted Species


Cylinder Capacity

Revolver drum 5 5



Zero Settings
Mode Distance (m) Distance (ft.)
Iron Sights 25 ~82
Any Scope 50 ~164

Inventory Capacity

1.5 units *