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.303 British Ammunition

Scope bolt action rifle 4x42mm classic

4x42mm Classic Rifle Scope


Legendary rifle with a long history that continues its story as a hunting rifle. Equipped with the 4x42mm Classic Rifle Scope, it turns into an extremely reliable hunting weapon.

This rifle was added to the game on March 26, 2015. [1]


Magazine Capacity

Magazine 5


Permitted Species


Zero Settings
Mode Distance (m) Distance (ft.)
Iron Sights 50 ~164
Scope 100 ~328

Inventory Capacity

4.0 units *



TheHunter 2015 .303 British Bolt Action Rifle first look03:06

TheHunter 2015 .303 British Bolt Action Rifle first look.

Video provided by community member ronMctuBe.

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