Air rifle 22

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Air rifle 22 pellet

.22 Air Rifle Pellet

Scope air rifle

3-9x32mm Air Rifle Scope


This exquisitely handcrafted .22 air rifle is the perfect tool for silent precision shots at small game such as Rabbit and Pheasant.

The .22 air rifle was added to theHunter on May 22, 2014. [1]

Permitted Species


Magazine Capacity

Magazine 10



Zero Settings
Mode Distance (m) Distance (ft.)
Iron Sights 20 ~66
Scope 40 ~131

Aiming Help

Air rifle aiming

Shooting Characteristics

The Air Rifle can be shot over great distances. Tests have shown shots rabbits over 95m. Thus, you should be fine with sniping rabbits at a pretty decent distance.

The effective range however is more like 50m. Below 50m Cottontail Rabbits are guarantied to die from body shots. You can kill them at longer distances, but only if you hit the head or neck. This is only intended for experienced players and thus not something recommended to everyone.

The effective range is the range at where you get a guaranteed kill unless you hit something like the legs, ears or tail. Rabbits may run a bit if hit in the body but they'll eventually die.

Inventory Capacity

3.0 units*


TheHunter Tips, Tricks & Tactics - HUNTING RABBITS & THE11:23

TheHunter Tips, Tricks & Tactics - HUNTING RABBITS & THE .22 AIR RIFLE

Video provided by community member HooCairs.
TheHunter Air Rifle & Rabbit exclusive first look 201403:23

TheHunter Air Rifle & Rabbit exclusive first look 2014

Video provided by community member ronMctuBe.

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