This page showcases and explains the Ground Blind which was added on the 9th of March 2011. Two more ground blinds have been released with the same functionality, including the Sneaky 3D Winter Camo (July 22, 2013 [1]) and Sneaky 3D Fall Forest Camo Groundblind (Sept 19, 2013 [2]).

The Ground Blind is a square hut-like tent with springy rods holding it up creating a more hidden position for the hunter when inside. Bow hunters are particularly fond of the Ground Blind as it creates a position of closeness to the animal which can otherwise be tricky to obtain.


The Sneaky 3D Camo ground blinds have some advantage in the Visual and Sound Reduction over the standard Green ground blind.

Image Name Visual Reduction Scent Reduction Sound Reduction
Large equipment blind green 256 Green Excellent None None
Large equipment blind winter Winter Forest Camo Whiterime Ridge and Hemmeldal
  • Non-Forest Areas: Excellent
  • Winter Forest Areas: Legendary
  • Outside: Bad
Some None
Sneaky3DFallCamoGroundBlind Fall Forest Camo Hirschfelden
  • Non-Forest Areas: Excellent
  • Forests: Legendary
  • Outside: Bad
Some None
Large equipment ground blind arid Arid Camo Bushrangers Run
  • Lush areas: Excellent
  • Dry areas: Legendary
  • Outside: Bad
Some None
Large equipment ground blind arctic Arctic Winter Camo Whiterime Ridge and Hemmeldal
  • Conifer Forest Areas: Excellent
  • Fields: Legendary
  • Outside: Bad
Some None
Large equipment ground blind alpine Alpine Camo Val-des-Bois and Timbergold Trails
  • Conifer Forest Areas: Excellent
  • Mountain fields: Legendary
  • Outside: Bad
Some None

Correct Use

For a successful set up the following criteria need to be met:

  • A ground area which is largely flat and unobstructed by objects

To use, equip with the "0"-key, go up to a correct area and click Mouse 1 (left mouse button by default) and you will automatically end up inside.

While the set up is instant, the sound played is audible by surrounding animals in about a 100m (350ft) radius. Camouflage factor is about equal to a Tower with decreased camouflage the closer the animal gets.

It's suggested that the Ground Blind is used in cooperation with Callers, Scents and the Scent Eliminator for optimal use.

How to set up & fold up

  • If the ground area is good for set up, the following message will appear: Press MOUSE 1 to erect.
  • To exit the Ground Blind press "E" on your keyboard. The Ground Blind will automatically return to your inventory.


Setting up and from when inside in the Ground Blind.

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